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Joining Personalized Wellness Center will give you access to a state-of-the-art fitness and wellness center that includes a fitness center and multiple boutique fitness studios under one roof.

Our unique 24 hour fitness and wellness center design combines the benefits of a full service fitness center with the privacy and personalized instruction of the boutique fitness studio environment with our certified personal fitness trainers.

We are revolutionizing the fitness industry by delivering a more comprehensive unique consultative process for all clients to receive a personalized service offering and programming, for all goals, preferences and budgets, because we believe everyone should be afforded the opportunity to succeed.


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At Personalized Wellness Center, we don’t think it’s fair for you to donate your money to fitness and wellness centers each month or for you to put in hard work and get little success or short-lived results. That’s why we deliver a more comprehensive unique consultative process with our personal fitness trainers for all clients to receive personalized service offering and programming, for all goals, preferences, and budgets.

Our consultative fitness and wellness center environment provides accountability and personalization to each client. Whether it’s a personal training client or 24 hour fitness center client. As a new client, you'll be guide through this unique and comprehensive consultative process where you'll get a personalize PWC's Personalized Wellness Plan, where we create a customized blueprint for how to best use our services and facility base on your needs, goals, interest, and budget.

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Whether you want to go it alone in our 24 hour fitness and wellness center, want the ultimate in personal attention & instruction with our personal fitness trainers, just want to diversify your fitness classes or appreciate the motivation of a group environment, but still want a personalized workout, then we have the solution for you.

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